Social Brand Identity.

Social first!

Today our vacations start on our smartphones! We tell our travel story’s on social media and we share our memories via videos with our family and friends. 

Time for the Lufthansa to develop a strong and unique social branding to claim their stake in the digital world.

Our challenges

0 Sec.
Average attention span social media

Social is about storys –

not brands!

Flexible but unique

What is the Lufthansas best branding element?

It's right there in their Product!

With this shape we’ve created a visual element, flexible enough to use in every scenario but strongly recognizable and with a social first approach. 

Even in the first frame, our multipicture video creates emotions, drives the viewer into the story and creates at the same time a strong branding.

The use of organic integrated branding elements and the social first design of the claim enhances the branding even further.  

Our new social brand ID leads the Lufthansa into a new age of digital/social communication.

Say yes to the world inspiration sustainability  life responsibility  quality courage experiences all humans the world diversity excellence love openness  all everybody 

Art Direction & Motion Design: Alexander Schacht

Creative Direction: Sebastian Hölzer